53 of the Best Cupcake Businesses and Bakeries in New York

If you’re trying to get naming ideas for your new cupcake business, you can get lots of inspiration by checking out the names of the top bakeries in New York, as you really need a creatively cool name to stand out there and a remarkably memorable one to get customers to remember and tell their friends about you.

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In the list of cupcake bakeries below, you’ll find a nice mix of simply unique names, ones that are cleverly quirky, and lots that are creatively cool. Above all, you’ll notice that most of them are quite catchy, which is the secret to making a lasting impression on your customers.

  1. Alice’s Tea Cup
  2. Amy’s Bread
  3. B Café
  4. Babycakes
  5. Baked by Melissa
  6. Baked Ideas
  7. Baked NYC
  8. Big Booty Bread Co.
  9. Billy’s Bakery
  10. Blue Dog Café
  11. Burgers & Cupcakes
  12. Butter Lane Cupcakes
  13. Buttercup Bake Shop
  14. Cakes N Shapes
  15. Ciao for Now
  16. Citarella
  17. Cocoa V
  18. Confetti Cakes
  19. Crumbs
  20. Cupcake Café
  21. Cupcake Stop
  22. Dessert Club, Chikalicious
  23. Duane Park Patisserie
  24. Eleni’s
  25. Flour Girl
  26. JollyBe Bakery
  27. Kumquat Cupcakery
  28. Kyotofu
  29. Lovin Sullivan Cakes
  30. Magnolia Café
  31. Make My Cake
  32. Once Upon a Tart
  33. One Girl Cookies
  34. Oro Bakery
  35. Payard
  36. Pinisi
  37. Polka Dot Cake Studio
  38. Robecelli’s
  39. Ruthy’s Bakery
  40. Sarabeth’s
  41. Soutine
  42. Spot
  43. Street Sweets
  44. Sugar Sweet Sunshine
  45. Sweet Melissa
  46. Sweet Revenge
  47. The Perfect Cake
  48. Tonnie’s Minis
  49. Tribeca Treats
  50. Trois Pommes
  51. Tully’s Gluten-Free Bakery
  52. Two Little Red Hens
  53. Village Tart

Now it’s your turn, go and get your creative juices flowing to come up with an ideal name to match the awesomeness of your cupcakes.

Remember to keep it meaningful, keep it short, and keep it sweet.

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