What to Call your New Cupcake Business?

So, you’ve finally decided to start the cupcake business you’ve been dreaming about for years, but are stuck trying to find an ideal name for it.

You want it to sound cute, unique and simply awesome. Unfortunately you can’t think of any creatively clever names and anything that comes to mind is already used by an existing competitor.

[twocol_one][/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last][/twocol_one_last]

Don’t worry, as lots of new business owners find themselves in the same position.

Just sit back and do a bit of reading in CupcakeBusinessNames.com to learn more about what it takes to come up with a truly memorable name. Once you’ve picked up the basic techniques involved to create a good name, you can review names of existing cake shops to get some ideas and inspiration.

Before long, you’ll be able to choose the perfect name for your cupcake enterprise, one that will sound delicious and have your customers wanting to taste your creations just from the look and sound of your company’s name.

14 thoughts on “What to Call your New Cupcake Business?

  1. Anita

    I have a name for business but I haven’t registered it yet.

  2. Lynn

    Hello I am having trouble coming up with a name for my cupcake company. Can you help?


    1. Sam Post author

      Hey Lynn – apologies for the delayed response.

      If you still need some feedback, please share as much information as possible about your new business, as well as any names you’ve come up with yourself, or any particular naming styles you like.

      If you’ve already chosen your name, do share it with all of us too 🙂

  3. Taslema

    My cupcakes are made with fruits and decorated with fruits only. Need a good business name??????

    1. Sam Post author

      Hey Taslema,

      Here are some ideas to get you going …

      True Fruity
      Fruit Fluff
      Age Before Fruity
      Whistle & Fruit
      Call of Fruity
      The Magic Fruit
      Fruit Fanatic
      Fruity and the Beast
      Fruit Concerto
      Call of Fruity
      Fruity Frutti
      Fun & Fruity

      Hope you like them 🙂

      1. Mrs Beatrix

        Wow, there are some really creative names you shared.

        Fruit Concerto is my pick of the lot.

  4. Sage

    I am coming up with a business plan for a cupcake food trailer for my school assignment and I’m having a lot of trouble coming up with a name. Could you help me?

    1. Sam Post author

      Hi Sage,

      How about ….

      Cupcakes on Wheels
      Mobile Munchies
      Rolling Delights
      Sweet Moves

  5. tyla

    Hello, I’m trying to help my mom come up with a name for her bakery. But we are struggling to find a cute creative name for it. Could you help? Thanks so much

    1. Sam

      Hi Tyla,

      Can you share any names you’re considering or a list of existing bakery names that you or your mom like?

      To get some inspiration, there are over 100 great names listed here:


      Do post back once you’ve got a better idea of what tickles your fancy and we can share better feedback or suggestions.

      Good luck with the venture.

  6. Chantelle

    I like the name “totally baked” for a cupcake/cake shop but it’s taken. I also like LinC’s Bake Shop or Baked by LinC however there is a place called “LinC’s Cakes”
    I want to make cupcakes and cakes and need something catchy!
    Please help

    1. Chantelle

      Comment from above additional information: I like these words

    2. Sam

      Hi Chantelle,

      1. What do you mean the name ‘Totally Baked’ is already taken? Sometimes if it’s used as a business name in another state or for another industry, you may still be able to consider it.

      2. How about ‘Totally Caked’ as an alternative

      3. If you have a compelling story behind the name ‘LinC’ which is what you want people to talk about, then it could be an option. Otherwise, you may want something that’s more intuitive.

      4. Here are some ideas from the words you shared …

      Monkey Munchies
      Duchess Delights
      Fit for a Princess
      Vanilla Prince
      Grizzly Bake

      Do share any other names you’ve come up with if you’d like more feedback or suggestions. Good luck!

      1. Chantelle

        Thank you very much for your help!!! I’ll definitely let you know what I come up with 🙂


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